NL Media Group

NL Media Group is a leading independent entertainment company which publishes a wide variety of media. Books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, feature films, games, licensing, internet and mobile content are all part of its comprehensive catalogue of offerings. 


NL media Group owns 7 independent media companies in 3 countries with over 80 employees in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.


Together the companies within the group are active in all areas of media and reach a wide spectrum of sales outlets. NL Media Group handles publishing, distribution, sales and marketing for all licences.


Its highly experienced, creative team consists of specialists from all fields who combine a passion for their profession, an eye for the market and an enterprising attitude.

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Media Sales Licensing / Just For Games

With locations in the Netherlands, France and the UK, MSL is an international (re)publisher and distributor of video games for PCs and Nintendo (3)DS game consoles. The Company works together with major partners like Big Fish, Ubisoft and Sega from which it acquires licenses to republish games for the PC or publish games for the Nintendo (3)DS. MSL’s games are distributed internationally through traditional (e.g. toy stores, entertainment stores and specialty game stores) and non-traditional sales channels (e.g., department stores, drugstores and supermarkets) as well as online stores (such as Importantly, MSL has been able to acquire worldwide exclusive Nintendo (3)DS game licenses from leading game studios due to its strong track record and longstanding relationships with retailers

- Just For Games



Reefman Distri Groep / Mediatrade / MMI / Espron

The company’s trade division, Reefman Distri Group, Mediatrade and MMI sell and distribute the company’s own and third party media products to large retail outlets such as supermarkets, drugstores and petrol stations. It specializes in the area of inventory management by using its advanced analytical tools to guarantee optimum use of space and inventory control. Clients are offered a varied assortment of DVDs, CDs, books and games. An experienced team of specialists organizes the sale, marketing and distribution for many publishers including all major studios.

Its loyalty business for retailers, Espron, is a business-to-business sales and marketing services firm specializing in the development of sales promotions and loyalty programmes for retailers and top brands. Espron develops customized, unique business and marketing plans for its clients based on their financial and brand goals. 

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Source1 Media

Source 1 Media ( S1M) is a publisher and distributor of TV and miniseries, documentaries and lifestyle content on DVD and Blu-ray in the Benelux. S1M approaches both traditional and nontraditional distribution channels with refreshing marketing concepts and product launches. S1M is part of the NL Media Group, a group of companies which contain several publishing, trade and distribution companies. Each company has its own specialization of the entertainment business. By combining these specialties we are able to commercially exploit a title to its fullest. S1M combines more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the entertainment business in a commercial and creative team. S1M cooperates with well-known licensors and publishers. This cooperation takes place on a national and international level.

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The magazines of Juniorpress are based on popular characters and television series such as Bob the Builder, Barbie, Sesame Street, the Smurfs and Lego. It also develops its own content magazines such as the educational magazine Kinderhanden.

We increasingly invest in more magazines. We just started with a sparkling lifestyle magazine about wine entitled WineLife.

- Juniorpress

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